You hear horror stories about the tenants who trash homes put holes in walls and remove appliances from the property AND on top of all that don’t pay their rent.  

With DMH Realty, we understand how important it is for everyone including tenants and trades people, to respect your property. Having experienced first hand, the challenges of managing rental properties, we apply the same philosophy to managing your property as we do to buying and selling homes. We take care of the big and small stuff, so you can sit back and relax knowing “we’ve got you covered” - that is our personalised services to you.

When your investment property is managed by our team you can expect regular communication form our initial contact to, screening and finding the best tenant for you, we’ll give you extensive reports about our periodic inspections of your property including photos and video and will closely monitor collection of rent and ensure prompt payment to you.  

AT DMH Realty, we live in the local region, know the area exceptionally well and therefore, know the people who live within the community. Why is that important for you? Because you can leave the area and know your property is safely our hands, giving peace of mind.

Here are a questions you might want to consider:
Have you received any rental market updates recently?
Do you receive photo evidence from routine inspections?
When was the last time your Property Manager did a ‘drive-by’ of the property?
Are you encouraged to do a ‘walk-through’ your investment property from time to time by your Property Manager?

With DMH Realty, this is a part of our personalised service. We treat your property as if it is ours. So why not contact us now, lets see what you can afford and consider the best options available to you.