Heather Seerden

About me

I was at a turning point in my life and needed to find a career which would align with my passions and purpose. With similar experiences to Donna, I was appalled by the lack of care or concern real estate agents had for my situation. I felt as if I was an inconvenience to their time and was therefore treated as a number. Based on my customer service and business background, I decided that real estate was for me, in 2005. Initially I was with an organisation which lacked quality training, support or guidance, however I persevered and found someone who could take me under their wing. That was a turning point for my real estate career giving me faith that I had made the right decision.

Why DMH Real Estate? What I have come to appreciate is that real estate is NOT about a building, it is about the people, their dreams, hopes and aspirations. People come deal with DMH Real Estate because we understand your challenges and frustrations. For us we focus on the right solution for you and your family - finding the right fit for you for now and for your future.

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